VaDiX has worked with many organisations with ensuring they are equipt with the latest in technology solutions while ensuring security at it's core. Here are some recent examples of VaDiX stories.

Private data exposed over misunderstanding of cloud

Misunderstandings over the types of data you should put on the cloud and a lack of safeguards in place have potentially exposed the private information of tens of thousands of New Zealanders, according to VaDiX Solutions security researchers.

It comes after more than 30,000 files - including passports and driver licences - were discovered through a security flaw on Lambton Property Management (LPM)'s website, with experts estimating the information to be worth $500,000 if it was to be sold on the dark web.

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Vulnerability found in critical infrastructure

VaDiX Solutions, an Irish cybersecurity firm has discovered a major security flaw with wind farms in Ireland and various countries worldwide. Jake talks about how he discovered this major security flaw, how this security flaw can be fixed, what can happen if this security flaw is not fixed and what countries are affected.

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